Dr Garfield Wright



Dr Garfield graduated from Griffith University School of Medicine right here on the Gold Coast. He spent six years at the Gold Coast University Hospital with four of those years entirely in the Obstetrics & Gynaecology Department.  

Originally from Jamaica, Dr Garfield enjoyed a career in athletics at the collegiate level after securing an athletic scholarship to the USA. This has given him a lifelong appreciation for the role of exercise in maintaining good health. He enjoys promoting exercise as preventive and rehabilitative medicine.

He enjoys working with children, pregnant patients but also those patients motivated to take charge of their chronic illnesses. 

Dr Garfield is particularly interested in the often overlooked demographic of what he calls “the Invincibles”. These are people who never visit the doctor because they feel nothing is wrong. He believes this is a very important group to work with because a little intervention and guidance can extend that period of invincibility. It’s like taking the time to get your car serviced each year even though it already runs perfectly.  Just remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Dr Garfield’s consults are privately billed, with a Medicare rebate:

    • On Saturdays, all standard consults will be privately billed at $90 (including children, antenatal consults, healthcare concession card holders, pensioners and Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders)
    • Standard consult: $80 (out of pocket $38.80)
    • Long consult: $125 (out of pocket $45.30)
    • Mental Health Care Plan: $150 (out of pocket $50.30)
    • Telephone Consult Standard: $80 (out of pocket $38.80)
    • Initial Antenatal Consult: $120 (ongoing consults will be billed dependant on bulk billing eligibility)

    You will still qualify for Bulk-billing (excluding Mental Health Care Plans) if you:

    • hold a Concession / Pension / DVA gold card
    • are 15 and under
    • are Aboriginal or a Torres Strait Islander and have had a health assessment with Dr Rajjit in the last 12 months
    • need a Work Cover related consult

      The following appointment types will also be Bulk-billed:

      • Health Assessments
      • Care Plans
      • Immunisations