Healite Therapy

Our Healite II LED light therapy uses the application of safe wavelengths of light to the skin to enhance your body’s natural cellular recovery. This will improve healing times, relieve pain, subside active acne, promote skin rejuvenation and more.


Healite procedure

Healite II is a clinically proven and TGA certified light treatment. This anti-ageing treatment tightens and tones the skin whilst stimulating natural hydration and collagen production. We can also incorporate this into other paramedical facials, peels and dermal needling to stimulate the healing process and improve their effectiveness. LED Light Technology is excellent for treating the bacteria associated with acne and the skin redness of rosacea.

Whether you are jet-lagged, dehydrated, hungover, or in need of restoring your vitamin levels. IV infusions can restore and replenish your vitamin levels and get you back on your feet in no time. Through these infusions, fluid is restored into the body along with the necessary vitamin and minerals to ensure your body is back to being healthy and nourished.