Dr Sue Raju


Dr Sue's New Brand

Dr Sue recently launched her own brand, and her very first product, a gut health  supplement is available online at www.zo-zoi.com.

Patients can also purchase the product at MedCentres.

“My mission is not to play the health game. I want to change the game.” – Dr Sue Raju

Dr Sue Raju has a wealth of experience in Hormone health, Women’s health, Gut health, weight loss, nutrition, sleep problems, digestive problems and fatigue, as well as being a General Practitioner for the last 20 years both in Australia and New Zealand. Dr Sue believes anything you can measure you can change and has confidence in her HGH Program “Hormones, Gut Health and Happiness, the three pillars of a healthy lifestyle.”

Dr Sue is passionate about restoring her patients to optimal health, fitness and wellbeing. “I want all my patients to have a confident approach to life”.

Dr Sue is a member of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners as well as being a GP registrar, supervisor. Dr Sue a mother of three children, a registered medical practitioner, is based on the Gold Coast and currently practices at MedCentres.


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Dr Sue’s consults are privately billed, with a Medicare rebate::

  • Standard consult (10 minutes): $85
  • Telehealth: $85
  • Long consult (20 minutes): $130
  • Comprehensive Consult (30 minutes): $210
  • Extra Long Consult (40 minutes): $250
  • Mental Health Care Plan: $140
  • Antenatal consult: $85
  • Recalls: $85
  • Initial Hormone Consult: $217 ($100 non-refundable deposit)
  • Ongoing Hormone Consult: $137 ($40 non-refundable deposit)

All consults between 7am and 8am, as well as Saturdays, including children under 16 are privately billed

You will still qualify for Bulk-billing for general practice consults (excludes Hormone consults) if you are 18 and under

 The following appointment types will be bulk-billed:

  • Care Plans
  • Health Assessments
  • Injections (excludes Depo)