Pregnancy and Baby Program

If you are planning a pregnancy or you have just found out you are pregnant, it’s important to ensure both you and baby are well. So book your first antenatal consult, and you can begin the Pregnancy & Baby program at MedCentres.

Our role during your pregnancy is not just about providing care for the several months of pregnancy, it’s about the commitment and continuity of care through the years and decades of your family’s health.

Every pregnancy is different, and antenatal appointments are important even if you are healthy and your pregnancy is going well.

They allow us to check your health and baby’s health so we can maximise your overall wellbeing, and identify and minimise any risks. These appointments are also a good opportunity for you to ask questions, and for us to talk about any concerns you have. This enables us to really support you through the entire process.

At your first antenatal appointment, we will confirm that you are pregnant and do a thorough health check, including you and your family’s medical history.

You will have antenatal visits throughout your pregnancy. Most women who have uncomplicated pregnancies have 8 to 10 appointments.

There will be a number of checks, scans and tests, including checking your blood pressure and weight and testing your urine, organising blood tests and screening, feeling and measuring your tummy, and the best part – listening to baby’s heartbeat.

We will discuss things like when baby is due, what trimester you are in and what this means for you and baby, discussing any medication you are taking, ensuring you are up to date with cervical screening, making sure your mental health is OK, and supporting you if you have depression or anxiety. We’ll provide advice on healthy eating and lifestyle changes and we can discuss your home environment, work and what support you have. The more information you have, the better equipped you will be!

We will also run through your birth plan and discuss antenatal classes. It’s an exciting time, and we’re here to help you have a smooth pregnancy.

We are in a wonderful position to provide ongoing care after baby arrives. We will have your postnatal checks and you can bring baby in for immunisations and checkups. We love seeing infants we’ve known since before they were born!

We look forward to seeing you (and baby) for our Pregnancy & Baby Program!