Medical Grade Facials

You will love the way your face feels after our exfoliation treatment. A medical grade facial involves the use of medical-grade products and tools. The treatment is generally performed in a medical office with a doctor’s supervision available and an advanced dermal therapist or dermal nurse performing the treatment.

Microdermabrasion Treatment

Our total skin treatment incorporates deep exfoliation by using a mechanical procedure, to polish the face using suction which removes dead skin cells and stimulates blood flow to the skin. Improving skin tone, enhancing anti-ageing and antioxidants to refine, smooth and plump the complexion without damaging the skin in the process.

Microdermabrasion with Vita-Brasion Treatment

A microdermabrasion with our Vita-Brasion treatment is a deep exfoliation where by the surface of the skin is abraded, We then use a sonophoresis machine to infuse vitamins into the skin, the process increases the absorption. Active ingredients are released deep down into the dermis to target the signs of aging, dehydrated skin, photo damage, pigmentation, poor skin texture and acne.

Microdermabrasion with Hydro-Brasion Treatment

We perform these two treatments simultaneously. It incorporates skin resurfacing and our Vitamin infusion technology to deliver potent anti-ageing ingredients to help smooth, plump and significantly boost the skin’s hydration levels.

Your options

Our medical facials are custom tailored to skin but allow results on a more intense level. Additional components of a medical facial may include dermal needling, photodynamic therapy or LED light to address a number of conditions. They are also an effective means to prepare skin for more invasive treatments including injectable dermal fillers and laser resurfacing, and for improving results post treatment. A cosmetic doctor can coordinate directly with a dermal nurse or therapist to create the most effective long term skin care
plan with the inclusion of medical facials.



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